Challenging Times at Nelson Livestock Company

We have been in a severe drought for about a year now and an "Old Timer, or Seasoned Rancher" said to break the drought you will need a "calf-killing storm".

Well we got not one but two of the bad storms in April, so far. So far in April we have received 37 inches of snow. Many places have drifts well over 6 feet tall.

Our county is in the middle of calving so has been a real challenge so far. The storms, cold and wind have been very stressful on the cattle and the ranchers as well.

We have had temperatures in the 40's so we have melting snow, that is good, but it is creating unbelievable mud.  We keep saying we are grateful for the moisture and we are, it just makes everyday hard.

We will get through all of this and be stronger for it.   Weather forecast for this weekend:   Rain and possibly changing to snow. Don't put the snow shovel away yet.

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