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Nelson Livestock Company is a family ranch operation run by Warren and Tom and Renee Nelson. Tom and Renee's sons, Brent and Nathan, both teachers with Brent teaching at Dawson Community College and Nathan teaching and coaching at Divide County High School, help on the ranch when they can. The grandchildren Taylen, Vallie, Gavin, Reggie, Logan and Carter also are getting to be more help all the time. They particularly like to help when horseback riding is involved.Nelson Livestock Company is operated on land homesteaded in 1909 by our great grandparents. We are celebrating our 100th year on the same land this year. We are included in a book titled "The Weak Ones Turned Back, The Cowards Never Started" compiled by Linda Grosskopf and Nancy Morrison.  If you get a chance, take a look at the article and pictures.

We had our first Simmental calf in 1970. We have been breeding and raising simmentals ever since. They have evolved from the traditional colored simmental when we started to today where they are mostly solid black or solid red and polled. Simmentals have come a long way and are  much different today than 40 years ago. We added purebred angus to our herd in the mid-1990's. We now are establishing a herd of sim-angus cattle. They are very popular these days. Our breeding sire selection consists of big spread bulls (minus birth weight to high growth) that are medium framed but have that explosive growth after birth. The  functional cattle are deep, thick, with growth and do-ability to work in any environment.

Nelson Livestock Company's breeding program stresses maternal efficiency though selecting for high fertility and calving ease while maintaining moderate sized cattle with high efficiency. This disciplined search for the AI sires and herd bulls results in a very efficient program that will add value to your replacement females and feeder cattle. We do invite you to contact us for more information or stop in for a herd visit to see for yourself.


Nelson Livestock Company's breeding program offers options and solutions as we offer Americanized Black and Red Simmentals, Red and Black SimAngus and Purebred Black Angus cattle that are performance selected. Performance selected using EPDs, ratios, linear measurements, planned mating, carcass testing and ultrasounding to help increase overall beef production. Nelson Livestock Simmentals will provide you with muscle, high cutability, growth, fertility, maternal power and calving ease that will move them to be the continental breed of choice. Nelson Livestock Angus will provide the hardiness, marbling, good females and market acceptability.

Nelson Livestock SimAngus are a combination of Simmental and Angus from a well planned crossbreeding program. They will increase pounds of calf versus cow exposed by 20%. Using a crossbred cow will give you 30% more lifetime production. Crossbreeding utilizing hererosis is the only free lunch in the cattle industry.

Nelson Livestock Company's offering of black and red Simmentals and SimAngus plus a selected group of Angus provides the options and solutions of developing your program to straight breed or giving you the option to utilize heterosis.

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